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Gold never became a leader of the group, being overshadowed by the dominant trio, yet he wholeheartedly threw in his lot with them. The Weathermen hated Whites with a virulent intensity, and they campaigned against—perhaps you have encountered this term—“White privilege.” (The modern theory of “White privilege” derives from Theodore Allen, a Communist non-Jew, and the Jew Noel Ignatiev, whose work was very influential with the New Left.) The Weathermen conceived their role as working to initiate a struggle on U. soil to join the worldwide revolutionary struggle against White colonial domination, with the goal of overthrowing the U. Weatherman, while operating within the larger Marxist worldview of “oppression,” “imperialism,” and “exploitation,” transferred their agent of revolution from the proletariat (which was too White and satisfied to participate in their program) to the Blacks and coloreds of the world — to the groups they considered most likely to rain destruction down upon the hated Whites.

The Weathermen were angry about what they saw as U. imperialist rule over much of the world, and in particular about the Vietnam War, which they labelled an unjust war against the Vietnamese people and another facet of U. Of course, all the “victim” groups that the Left agitates for are merely means to the end, which is, seizing power. It was the revolution that was everything.” It is easy to see what advantages the Weathermen saw in destroying the U. government (the “White power structure”): total, unrestricted revolutionary power. The unbridled anger of Weatherman at “White privilege” clearly reveals this motivation.

They, with most other SDS members, wanted to build a large movement that could force change on America and end the Vietnam War.

I send my son to camp, where he exerts himself physically and comes home enthralled with the joys of athletic competition and boyish camaraderie. He helped Gilbert “educate” and “organize” other students about these issues.Nevertheless, after speeches by Dohrn and others, they raced out of the park smashing windows and attacking the police.They were shot, beaten, and arrested for their pains.His parents were classic liberals of the era; his father worked for civil rights in the South and volunteered his medical services on behalf of the poor on the East Side.The family lived on the Upper West Side, and were generally considered as upper middle class.

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In the spring of 1968 Rudd—also Jewish; original name Rudnitsky—proceeded to lead a brazen student takeover of the University.

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